3 Reasons Why Digital Integration Into CRM Is Here to Stay

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3 Reasons Why Digital Integration Into CRM Is Here to Stay


Here is a list with 3 reasons why digital integration into CRM is here to stay


No matter what your industry is in 2021, personalization matters more than ever. Customers are presented with unlimited options for all kinds of products and services, and they have the luxury to choose the option that most fits their specific needs. 

This is why CRM is evolving. CRM and CRI Platforms allow for a clear database of all the customers of your business or the users of your service. Here is a list with 3 reasons why digital integration into CRM is here to stay


Gives You Access to Inclusive Data

Nothing is better than having a 360° view of your service users.

Having a CRM integrated within your ERP automatically adds all the user data you need to plan your next move. This provides you with width where the CRM segments your customers in regards to their geography, demography, whether or not they are a customer or any other metric you need. 

Also, this provides great depth as you can view each customer’s purchase history, have access to their needs, industries, socials, and all the information you need to personalize your selling strategy to meet their specific needs. 


Provides a Unified Source of Truth

Having one place that streamlines all the information you need means saving time and money during projects.

CRM allows you to view all the data we mentioned above and more on one interface, and supports different access levels so that only the relevant individuals can have access to the data they need. 

Having all of your user data in one place saves lots of time during projects, and allows for better decision making and helps your business react quickly to the trends of your industry. 


Helps Customize Your Direct Messages

Nobody wants to read an irrelevant email. 

CRM technology is improving and becoming more intelligent, everyday. Using a CRM, you can group your customers or users by various kinds of categories to customize the messages sent to each customer. 

For example, you can prioritize certain messages for customers with a high purchase rate, and match the messages with the products they usually purchase. Also, you can prioritize giveaway messages to users with a high number of followers on social media so that they can share your content. 


The Takeaway

CRM integration is here to stay because it adds tremendous value to your business by giving access to inclusive customer data, views in a single interface and allows for personalized customer communication & strategizing. 

The most successful companies in this era are winning because they prioritize personalization for customer needs and communications, and the technology is rapidly improving to support this customer-centric strategy.


We at LABS are proud to have multiple successful CRM integrations in the Middle East. 

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