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How An HR Head Can Help Employees Be Collaborative

It has never been more important for a running business to have all the employees working together towards the same goal.

Achieving a company-wide collaborative mindset is a challenge, and it gets more challenging as the business grows and starts hiring more people. This calls for modern ways to create a collaborative community in the workplace.

Here are some useful methods that can help establish a collaborative mindset within your business

Be Transparent 
Every successful business owner or CEO has talked about transparency. Transparency is when you’re being very honest and clear about your macro organizational goals, and how you plan to achieve them. 

Some companies consistently mention their company goals in company-wide emails, banners, meetings, and one-one interactions. This helps every individual in the company connect what they’re doing to a larger image goal, which gives a sense of purpose to the tasks and motivates them to work harder.

Have an internal social platform
Internal platforms help employees connect to their colleagues in different departments. 

You can establish a Bitrix network where people share their tasks. Such a small gesture can lead to people feeling like everyone else around them is working as hard as they are and it makes them feel more relaxed and connected to the community. 

Also, you can connect your employees based on shared interests or duties using Whatsapp and LinkedIn groups. Studies show that colleagues who connect over social media tend to be more focused and productive.

Hire for attitude, not skills
This is the most important point if you’re trying to establish a collaborative community in your company. 

Successful company leaders tell that when you notice an employee promoting negative attitudes in your company, fire them, regardless of their numbers. Keeping them will have a long-term bad effect on your company, and it may lead to people quitting.

Promote the right attitudes and set a good example as a leader. Promote kindness, honesty, and hard work, and you’ll have a great team following your lead. 

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